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    I prefer the term 'Unapologetic Generalist'


    My professional life has lately been focused on projects which regenerate social and environmental capital.


    I focus on projects which support and nurture collaborative responses to complexity, and believe we need more people working on stuff that matters.


    Founder & Masters


    R&D into how to increase the impact of environmental restoration projects - currently bridging from the Masters into forming an impact studio.

    Horoeka Creative



    Creating positive social + environmental impact using my skills in Marketing, Communications, Experience Design, Facilitation, Photography & Video.


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    I launched a simple wheneverly newsletter which curates some of the best stories from the worlds of Design, Complexity and Social & Environmental Impact.


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    I've had my fair share of projects, ventures and organisations in the past. 


    Here's a few which are particularly memorable:

    Monash University

    Experimentation Coach & Facilitator

    Supporting the Design School at Monash University to explore how experimentation culture could be applied to their Research Labs.


    My work involved developing a workshop format to introduce the founding concepts and methods to orientate Labs towards their ideal impact, and the assumptions that underpin their research activities. Then running coaching sessions with the Lab teams to embed the method and culture.


    Find out more about MADA Research Labs here.


    Developing a lab to tackle Youth Mental Health challenges

    Co-leading the development of a social innovation lab over the course of 3 years, we built a range of programs and services to support a community of change makers to up skill, launch new initiatives, and improve youth wellbeing.


    My role covered experience & program design, venture coaching, community building, communications and marketing, impact evaluation and more.


    Find out more at Lifehack's website.

    Social Labs

    Lead: Community of Practice

    Evolving field-building work after the launch of Social Labs Revolution.


    After the launch of the bestselling book and workshops about platforms for experimentation for social and environmental challenges, I took on the role of building a community of practice for social labs practitioners around the world. I managed the website, social media, and built a community of 50 actively involved global practitioners.


    The community was eventually shuttered due to a lack of sustainable business model.


    Find out more at Social Labs.

    Punakaiki Coastal Restoration Project logo

    Punakaiki Coastal Restoration Project

    A Living Lab for c21st Conservation

    Living & working in the remote South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand, perched on the edge of Paparoa National Park, I led teams of volunteers for the first 2 years of this amazing Restoration project with Conservation Volunteers New Zealand.


    A mix of community engagement, volunteer management, environmental education, practical conservation and restoration, photo points and much more.


    Find out more at the PCRP Website


    Founding Member

    Part of the founding membership of the internationally-renowned network of social innovators, originating in Aotearoa New Zealand.


    In the early days, I was part of a support team which did whatever was necessary to recruit, grow and explore ways to get people working on stuff that matters. From designing and delivering retreats to developing operational systems, and catalysing coworking spaces to international outreach - we explored many avenues to support the eventual launch of multiple social ventures.


    Find out more at Enspiral's website.

    Peer Academy

    Product Design & Evaluation for Academies

    Supporting the Peer Academy team to roll out their new skill sharing Academies within a range of major Australian organisations in the public and private sector.


    A mixture of instructional design, experience design, and project management, this project extended me to design across tangible face-to-face experiences, website UX, and across a range of presentation formats and workbooks.


    Find out more at Peer Academy's website.

    Collaboration Cafe Wellington

    Where Ideas Take Flight

    Part of the founding team of this pop up social innovation space, we supported projects to gain vital early feedback to set them on the course to take flight.


    Part experience design, part social process - this was one of my earliest forays into facilitation and holding space.


    Find out more on the facebook page (free ebook coming soon)

    SKIP Tips

    Campaign Launch for Parenting App

    Supporting the Ministry of Social Development to develop and execute a creative launch campaign for their new parenting app.


    Campaign strategy to Lean Comms experiments and introducing new tools and approaches - this was a great opportunity to help the Government innovate in the communications & marketing space for a good cause.


    Find out more at the SKIP Tips launch page.

    Bucky Box

    Startup Co-Founder

    Building a community was my primary responsibility when we began exploring what software for a better food system would look like.


    This developed into exploring user research and testing, strategy, marketing and PR, global outreach and sales.


    Find out more about Bucky Box on their website.

  • What others are saying...


    "Sam is a brilliant community developer - he seeks out great people, and turns them into the biggest fans for and advocates an organisation could ever wish for."


    - Ed Dowding, Founder of Sustaination & FoodTrade




    "I love how he treats feedback as gold and passionately seeks continuous improvement in his own work style as well as for all our programs of work. Thank you for the golden years Sam! Hopefully we get to Co-Lead more innovations in the years ahead. Five stars. Would co-found again."


    - Chelsea Robinson, co-Lead of Lifehack (NZ's Social Lab for Youth Wellbeing)




    "Sam has amazing energy and commitment to his work in the environment sector. He is very efficient, a good thinker and always delivered great work."


    - Lara Charles, Executive Director at Planet Goodness & Trustee of 350 Aotearoa




    "Sam was wonderful at assisting in both creating visuals and copy for the TEDxTeAro Facebook and Twitter streams before, during and after the event - great understanding of the mediums and the aims of communicating emotion to the audience"


    - DK, License Holder of TEDxTeAro & TEDxWellington


    Get an overview of my work history and current projects

  • Talking & Sharing

    I've had the privilege of speaking and running workshops across Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand at a range of events, conferences, universities and more, including; Monash University, Massey University, Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (UAE), Festival for the Future, Live The Dream, Chalkle, Smart Cities Network, OS//OS conference, EthnicA conference, Enspiral Social Series, Social Media Club, Smart Energy Challenge, The Changemakers Convention, and more.


    You can see most of my presentations on SlideShare.


    Some of my writing is currently featured on Social Labs, Enspiral Tales, Lifehack, Medium and Social Labs Wānanga






    I'm available to connect - as long as coffee is involved.


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